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Cut your meat across the grain

The Good Meat StoreJune 18, 2020

Look closely for small lines running in the same direction. This is the grain. Slice across the grain for maximum tenderness. Tell us if it works? #tipsandtricks #cuttingbeef #maxtenderness #cookingsteak #thegoodmeatstore #fortheloveofgoodmeat #goodqualitymeat Credits: www.silverfernfarms.com

Celebrate Father's Day with this Promo Code [HAPPYFATHER]

The Good Meat StoreJune 18, 2020

Dads are great! To celebrate Father's Day this weekend, enjoy $5 OFF your order this week + FREE DELIVERY. Start preparing your surprise for Dad! Enter Promo Code [HAPPYFATHER] at checkout. Minimum $70 spending applies. Promotion ends 22 June 2020. #fathersday #dadsforlife #happyfather #happydad #cookdadameal#stayhomecelebrate #thegoodmeatstore #fortheloveofgoodmeat#loveourmeat #goodqualitymeat #homecooksteak#youdeservegoodmeat #wemakeyouhungry...

Indulge with Dad on Father's Day

The Good Meat StoreJune 14, 2020

Father's Day is round the corner! Are you already planning a surprise for Dad? Here’s an offer to make the celebration a perfect one! ENJOY $8 OFF your order when you add one of our best meat, the USDA Prime Ribeye Beef to your order. Simply because Dad deserves THE BEST!Enjoy...

TIPS: Save the oil for the meat

The Good Meat StoreJune 08, 2020

By oiling the meat instead of the pan, you're able to get the pan really hot without the oil burning. It also helps ensure the meat doesn't stick to the pan. #thegoodmeatstore #oilingthemeat #warmupyourpan #searthemeat #tipstocookmeat #beefsteak #fortheloveofgoodmeat #cookingmeatathome #weusenewzealandbeef Tips Credit: www.silverfernfarms.com

SNAP & WIN! by TheGoodMeatStore.com

The Good Meat StoreJune 06, 2020

We know how exciting it is when you serve a nicely cooked piece of steak from your home kitchen, many will be taking photos of your lovely steak and start to share it on social media to make your friends mouth-water. Here's how we want to make it even more...

TIPS: Importance of searing.

The Good Meat StoreJune 05, 2020

To ensure you sear the meat nicely and trap in all the juices, use a hot pan (warm up before you start). Your meat should always sizzle when it touches the surface of the pan or BBQ. Don't touch your meat until it is ready to turn to the other...

TIPS: Meat doesn't like the cold.

The Good Meat StoreJune 04, 2020

To get the best flavour from meat, always cook it at room temperature. To do this remove the meat from its packaging and leave it to bloom for at least 10 minutes before cooking.  This helps to ensure a more consistent cooking experience. #thegoodmeatstore #tipstocookmeat #beefsteak #fortheloveofgoodmeat #cookingmeatathome #weusenewzealandbeef Tip...

TIPS: Meat needs to rest.

The Good Meat StoreJune 02, 2020

Allowing your meat to rest after cooking gives time for the juices to redistribute themselves through the meat. Meat that has rested before being served will be juicier than meat that has not. Credit: www.silverfernfarms.com